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I’ve finally come full circle. Who knew that studying environmental science before green was the new black would eventually make sense in a world where terms such as “global warming,” “sustainability,” “GMO” and  ”BPA” have become commonplace? And then when you add a successful and wide-ranging career in marketing, you end up with just the right combination of skills and expertise for the creation of Farmacy.

We co-founded Farmacy Agency in 2010 to help companies who were seeking to make an impact on people’s lives. Because doing good is not always the easiest path, we not only provide motivation and encouragement, but also expertise in how to increase brand awareness, customer engagement and sales.

Before launching Farmacy, I worked as Director of Partnership Marketing for the Los Angeles-based Western Interiors and Design magazine.  I proactively built relationships with both consumer and trade organizations, and developed integrated marketing programs that significantly increased circulation and ad sales. I also created and produced a successful brand extension called the Western Interiors Design & Home Show.

Prior to my move to sunny Santa Monica, I spent ten years at Time Inc. in New York City working for the company’s Corporate Marketing Group, and renowned publications such as LIFE, Time International and PEOPLE. As PEOPLE magazine’s Director of Entertainment Marketing, I created innovative marketing programs for a wide range of advertisers, as well as managed the magazine’s high-profile charity arm and cause marketing endeavors.

My passion for sustainability began at Franklin & Marshall College where I earned an Environmental Studies degree. I then got my geek on studying Geology at Colorado School of Mines, and also completed the Health Educator Program at the National Institute of Whole Health. In addition, I’m the former Food Features Editor for, a popular online blog based on the New York Times bestseller, Skinny Bitch, and I currently blog for

I believe it’s important give back to one’s community, so I joined the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and sit on the Environmental Affairs, Sustainable Quality Awards and Hospitality Committees. Not to brag, but I also received a 2011 Chairman’s Award in recognition of my efforts in promoting business in Santa Monica.

And I have two dogs, Spencer & Morgan, that started out at shelters, but now appreciate the good life of organic food, eco-friendly toys and doggie pool parties (only in LA!).