“Susan has been an extremely valuable asset to the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce for the past three years. She is a key player on the Environmental Affairs committee where she diligently works to foster sustainability issues among the city's business and residents. Susan's marketing and PR skills have helped make the annual Sustainable Quality Awards, one of the Chamber's signature events, an ongoing success.”

Laurel Rosen, President/CEO, The Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

“Susan has been instrumental in helping me expand my role as LAcarGUY's Manager of the Environment. Her knowledge of sustainability issues, in combination with her extensive network of relationships in the green community has allowed me to increase awareness of our environmental platforms and initiatives. I'm constantly impressed by her innovative ideas, marketing expertise, and passion for protecting the planet.”

Alisha Auringer, Manager of the Environment, LAcarGUY

"I hired Susan to create and manage the marketing and content development strategy for one of our clients, and was extremely pleased with the results. Susan has the unique ability to not only see the big picture, but also understand the specific needs of the client. In addition, she is an excellent writer and editor, with a keen grasp of what is needed on all the different media platforms - - website, newsletter, social media and blog."

Laura Klein, Organic Authority, LLC

“I had the great fortune of working with Susan in several capacities. She is driven, smart, and enthusiastic about her work. I was immediately impressed with her and her team, and knew we had to become friends (I like to surround myself with brilliant people...). I would be honored to work with her again in any capacity.”

Eric Corey Freed, Principal, organicARCHITECT